Our Mission

The Foot Center's mission is to provide a quality, comprehensive medical program to patients seeking quality podiatric care. The Foot Center accomplishes this mission by striving to achieve the following goals:

1. To provide quality health and podiatric medical care to patients;

2. To serve as a leading academic center for the teaching of clinical podiatric medicine and surgery;

3. To serve as a referral center for complex podiatric clinical cases;

4. To coordinate patient podiatric care with affiliated medical centers or other appropriate medical providers for the benefit of the patients;

5. To operate in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations promulgated by New York State, the standards established by appropriate accrediting bodies and other pertinent regulatory agencies;

6. To operate in accordance with the by-laws of FCNY, the medical staff by-laws and the quality assurance program of the FCNY;

7. To operate in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local equal opportunity laws, rules and regulations;

8. To provide prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to our patients;

9. To make appropriate ethical referrals of our patients when in their best interest;

10. To teach podiatric medical students, residents in training, graduate podiatrists and other appropriate health professionals the state of the art of podiatric medical practice;

11. To refer any patient to appropriate health care professionals in cases that are outside the skills and specialties of our clinicians;

12. To operate so as to protect the health and dignity of our patients, visitors, staff and students;

13. To provide a safe and healthy work environment for our staff, employees and students;

14. Provide individualized, personalized patient care in a friendly, yet compassionate manner.


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